Explosion Venting Panel

The explosion venting panel produced by Dragon Industries widely used in food-stuffs, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, light industry, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, machinery processing, solid waste treatment and other industries.

It can be applied in equipment such as cyclones separator, bag-type dust collector, dust collectors, cartridge filters, pneumatic conveying ball mills, rod mills or ball mills, bucket elevators, dryers and ovens, roller grinding, buildings, etc. Once dust explosion occurs in the equipment, if explosion overpressure reaches the static activation pressure of the explosion venting panel, the explosion venting panel will open according to pre-set opening mode, and release the pressure generated by explosion, to protect the equipment and device from damage by explosion shock waves.

Product Details

  • Designed in plate or arch shapes, with different sizes available;

  • High efficiency explosion venting, economical and practical;

  • Applicable temperature up to 100 ℃;

  • Materials: 304 SS /PTFE/304SS;

  • Static activation pressure: 0.1 barg+/-15%@20℃(Other static activation pressures and temperatures are optional);

  • Suitable for negative and positive pressure conditions;

  • Kst is suitable for St1, St2 and St3 grades;

  • Installation method: adhering to the equipment or pipe, connected by flanges;

  • Explosion venting sensors are optional;

  • Venting without fragmentation, to avoid additional damage;

  • Testing reports from domestic authorities are available;