Explosion Pinch Valve

The explosion pinch valve produced by Dragon Industries isolates explosions at two directions on the pipeline, which is generally composed of a control box, a detection device and a explosion pinch valve.

When an explosion occurs inside the device, the control box of the explosion pinch valve will receive a trigger signal (for example, signal from a venting panel or a flameless venting device, or from a pressure sensor and a spark sensor), and immediately trigger isolation system connected to it. Once triggered, the explosion pinch valve will be closed within milliseconds, to effectively protect related equipment from the influence of explosion shock waves and flames.

Product Details

  • Applicable to two-way pipeline explosion isolation system, with high wear resistance and impact resistance, absent of pressure loss at full bore, so as to realize remote control;

  • Material: carbon steel and wear resistant rubber;

  • Operation ambient temperature: -20℃~+100℃;

  • Explosion venting pressure of explosion pinch valve (Pred): ≤2.0 barg;

  • Applicable wind speed: 15 m/s–30 m/s;

  • Applicable dusts: St1 and St2 dusts with Kst less than and equal to 300barg*m/s;

  • Installation method: horizontal or vertical installation, connected by flanges;

  • Installation distance: 4.5m~20m;

  • Signal connection points, such as signal wires, pressure probes, flame detectors, are provided;

  • Necessary control conditions:

  • Air source: compressed air: 5.5- 8.0 barg

  • Pinch valve power supply: control loop voltage 24VDC

  • Signal output: signal is output or alarm is triggered when the valve is closed

  • Control box power supply: 220V

  • Cables can be selected according to on-site operation conditions;

  • Testing reports from domestic authorities are available;