Flameless Venting Device

The conventional flameless explosion venting device produced by Dragon Industries is widely applied in food-stuffs, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, light industry, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, machinery processing, solid waste treatment and other industries.


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Product Details

  • Effectively stopping fire and heat, providing safe places for equipment, buildings and mobile personnel;

  • Applicable to flameless venting of dust explosion for indoor equipment;

  • Effective collection of dusts, without pollution to the environment;

  • High efficiency of explosion venting, economical and practical;

  • Frame material: Q235/304SS;

  • Fire resistance materials: 304SS;

  • Applicable dusts: St1 and St2 dusts with Kst less than and equal to 300barg*m/s;

  • Effective venting area satisfies the requirement of explosion venting;

  • Installation method: adhering to the equipment or pipe, connected by flanges;

  • The venting panel needs to be replaced after dust explosion venting;

  • Testing reports from domestic authorities are available;

It can be applied in equipment such as cyclones separator, bag-type dust collector, dust collectors, cartridge filters, pneumatic conveying ball mills, rod mills or ball mills, bucket elevators, dryers and ovens, roller grinding, buildings, etc. The device is mainly composed of a venting panel and a flameless venting device, and installed on the equipment which should be protected. The venting panel is closed during normal operation. Once the dust explosion occurs within the device, the force imposed by explosion overpressure on the explosion venting plate will exceed the opening pressure of the explosion venting plate, then the explosion venting plate will break and crack along the gap, so that explosion pressure will be relived from the gap of fire arrester, and the flame will be quenched by the quenching and cooling action of flame extinguishing layer to prevent explosion pressure and high temperature generated by the flame from harming operators or equipment around it. It is generally composed of a venting panel which is installed with a fire arrester.